through the trees

A wide angle lens is a wonderful thing.

A clear bright blue sky, some scraggy trees next to the cycle path.  Nothing to look at, nothing to see.

There’s always something interesting there if you look at it the right way.

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7 thoughts on “through the trees

  1. I so agree with you…there is something to photograph everywhere . These are magnificant … Like you I started a photography blog last year ( 29th Dec for me ) to improve my photography… the challenge of posting photographs every day as I do ( though I don’t posts the ones I take that day necessarily ) has really concentrated the mind…enjoying it immensely as I hope you are 🙂

  2. Wonderful series. I am actually thinking of purchasing a wide angle lens for my Canon. Any recommendations?

    • Well I can only talk about the one I’ve got – a Sigma 10-20mm. I did look at loads of reviews first, and it seems that soft focusing is the only problem you sometimes get with this lens. I had no such problems, although focusing with a wide angle is very different from what you are probably used to, and I wonder if some of those who complain about the lens being “soft” are just not focusing correctly. Have a look on Flickr, at the Sigma 10-20 group to see what’s possible – there’s some amazing work on there.

  3. I really love looking through your blog, so I have recently nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

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