lost from the image

distorted blurshe wanted a way out

and she thought he was the ticket

just a sensitive kid he was

and she to he was perfection

she’d had her problems

underneath she was just lonely

his folks had left him at sixteen

a retirement cemetery in Devon

I never thought they’d make it

too much baggage going on

but she was so good for him

and the he, she thought he was, was all for her

her ex was a dealer

the big guy with the bigger friends

weed speed LSD and whatever

a reputation to keep

and his ex wasn’t part of the image

I never knew what was said

by who to who about what

he didn’t talk about it

just seemed to get on the weed

later came the speed

seems they drifted apart

I didn’t see her for ages

his new flame was in smoke

and this time it was for ever

last time I saw him he was laughing tripped on LSD the next one was bad and lasted for days

we all lost him from the image

This is dedicated to a guy who was a good friend.  The story is true.

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4 thoughts on “lost from the image

  1. Wonderful imagery, very emotive!

  2. Very emotional story. You have a wonderful way of writing.

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