don’t tell me I’m nowhere

Dead End Street

Dead End Street

well the rain’s coming down

another night on the town

and I’m thinking of you

but I know where you are

so the beer’s looking good

and I’m having my fun?

but I know you won’t see me

’cause I’m nothing to you

well the juke box is playing

some american song

and the gutters are draining

making mud of the lawn

there’s a fight brewing

but I’m not involved

I think it’s all over

a particular word

well I keep on with my drinking

but you don’t go away

I’m turning to whiskey

my gut’s full for the day

and I’m feeling so empty

when your friend she walks in

I say how ya doing

she asks where I’ve been

well I’m out on the town

just looking for you

and I know you won’t see me

but what else do I do

you’ve got into my heart

and I can’t let it go

don’t tell me I’m nowhere

’cause I already know

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