don’t you call me sky rat

London Pigeon

London Pigeon

ok so my feet ain’t clean

they’re covered in oily muck

but I don’t reckon that the fault of my kind

it’s you humans who create that slush

I’m just clearing up your mess

picking your left overs clean

sandwich bits and discarded crap

it’s you not me that’s obscene

look at my sheen

look at my bright keen eye

see my feathers preened so neat

you got the cheek to call me

rat of the sky

well then you’re the rat of the street

I was born to the cliffs

where the sea waves crash

and a ledge of rock was my home

now I live with you lot

tidying up your mess

and all you can do is moan

you can say what you like

I know I’m cool

I know where my life is at

I’m a beautiful bird

a king of the air

don’t you call me sky rat

Not my first post about a pigeon, and it won’t be the last.  These birds are closely related to the rock dove, if you ever see one, you’ll see the similarity.  Rock Doves live on wild sea cliffs, and look to be the least likely birds to colonise major cities all over the world.  I love animals that are adaptable, it doesn’t matter to them how much we mess up their habitat, they won’t be beaten, they even thrive on it.

The average pigeon is quite capable of flying at 50 mph, if you see one alongside you while you are driving, it’s incredible to see just how easy they make this look.

Some people hate them, they call them sky rats, yet like rats, if we didn’t leave so much food lying around, we wouldn’t see them, they’d stick to their natural home.

As you’ve probably gathered, I think they’re great, and look at the colours in those feathers, that is beautiful, we should be grateful that such a colourful resourceful creature has decided to spend its life with us.

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4 thoughts on “don’t you call me sky rat

  1. Thank you for writing this. I’m really moved by what you’ve written here and I share your respect for this incredible bird.

  2. Don’t let them fool you Malcolm! They must have hypnotized you. They’re cute when they’re alone or in a small group, but when there’s 500 of them in one area watch out! Lol, but you’re right they’re not that bad when I think about it.

  3. This is a great post. I happen to like pigeons … well as a matter fact I like all birds! They are amazing creatures!

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