sometimes I can’t write poetry

Blurred man at railway station

sometimes the rhymes won’t come

or the only ones I can think of are dumb

so I sit and scribble away

but I know I’m going to throw it away

I can’t think of any subject at all

there’s nothing inspires me at all

everything I write down has been said before

every subject I choose has been chosen before

i come up with something that I think is quite good

then when I get home I read it and it seems to have absolutely no rhythm whatsoever let alone any real point and the chances of anyone wanting to read it are zilch

and I wonder to myself

has the well dried up

arrggh there’s another thing!                predictable cliched metaphor alert!

I’ll be sat on the train feeling inspired

yet I’m sat opposite someone snoring and tired

their stretched out feet are kicking my legs

or is slumped in their seat

my shoulder a rest for their head

or shouting into their idamn imobile phone ithingy

“I’m on the train, where are you?”

“sorry, didn’t catch that, reception’s bad, I’m on the train”

but I’ll keep on writing because one day it will work again one day

                                          predictable clumsy rhyme alert!

anyway, that’s what the motivational gurus would probably say

if they got the chance which they won’t


dedicated to all of you out there who sometimes struggle for inspiration, it will find you.

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5 thoughts on “sometimes I can’t write poetry

  1. I can definitely relate.

  2. Really cool image–love it!

  3. Remarkable image Malcolm
    Is this a montage? It’s great! and I love this piece as well. I like the way you have it formatted.

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