pi and how to use it

For all fans of mathematical poetry…..

mathematical graffiti

mathematical graffiti

pi, it doesn’t go with chips

you can’t get it with gravy

when it first crops up in maths

I swear it will drive you crazy

it wasn’t invented in the bath

by a eureka shouting Greek

but it can come in useful if

measuring circumferences is what you seek

I do not know how they worked it out

they didn’t do it on a laptop

clive sinclair had not been born

so pocket calculators were out of the question

and the abacus was as far as they’d got

work it out they did though

and invented how to use it

so kids could learn something at school

then do exams to prove it


if you know the diameter then times by pi

gives you the circumference

and by a bit of inference

if you divide the circumference

by pi and by two you get the radius

so times the radius by itself or square it

it means the same thing

times that by pi and the areas what you get

obvious really init?

and if you draw it on a post

you just get a bit of odd graffiti

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