See the Wood for the Trees

Creepy silhouetted view through trees

See the Wood for the Trees

sometimes when I can write no more

to talk of nothing matters

I turn my back and close my eyes

there’s a place I go that lives in my head

trees and birds and bracken swirls surround

far from tv’s created reality

where I can walk forever free

where the world has never been

where nothing real can follow me

so when I return one day

to this place you call real

I can see the wood


This stand of trees lies near Braithwaite Fold in Windermere.  Whenever I visit the light is always behind the trees, and they stand against the horizon so make for some great silhouettes.  I under exposed this shot, and I was experimenting with the processing and settled on this rather dreamy, other-worldly effect.  It’s that atmosphere which inspired the poem.

The technique of having a place to go in your head is a great de-stresser, it can be anywhere you like, you can go there whenever you want, and the world can’t follow you.

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3 thoughts on “See the Wood for the Trees

  1. Nice photo…nice words, too.

  2. Beautiful – I love both the image and the poem.

  3. Ahh the lovely Lake District trees… I am just back from a week in the lakes.. my first visit..Wonderful!

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