agoraphobia suburbia

Lancaster Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley

so if you see me out tonight

don’t take cover, don’t take fright

it was not me, it could not be

I sit at home with my TV

let the world wash over, the sofa and me

and it’s easy, so don’t judge me

and if you spy me, in the town

no need for fear, I ain’t been around

I’m sat inside, with my pride

it looks to me so wild out there

I’d just be lost, I’d just be scared

so I’ll stay here, here with my fear

some people think I’m not quite right

but I’m here, so why the fight

it’s your world, you’re welcome

the world comes in through my TV

and I’m not liking, what I see

and my sofa, well, she needs me

so if you think you catch a glimpse of me

then you ought to question, what you see

and then just maybe, don’t drink so much

I’m not locked in, nothing stopping me

It’s not in my head, I’m seeing logically

It’s your head, your world, you made it


they tell me its agoraphobia,

they can tell me what they like

what’s happens in my head is all mine

don’t you dare say I’m not right




rapes and drunks

child molesters

toxic junk

no thank you

that door stays locked

you’re welcome to it


Red Skull Graffiti

Red Skull Graffiti

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