Albums that made me think “I can write lyrics” – T Rex, Electric Warrior

Electric Warrior is a raw kind of rock’n’roll, you can hear it’s bluesy roots, but with a touch of hippy whimsy thrown in.  While Jeepster is straight on electric guitar rock, you’ve also got the softer hippy edge of Cosmic Dancer.  What struck me, apart from the sparseness of the sound, was the lyrics.  Complete nonsense much of the time, there was a general subject or a structure, but it was clear that if something happened to rhyme or sound good, it was in, didn’t matter if it was rubbish, sounding good was everything.

Cosmic Dancer…

is it wrong to understand

the fear that dwells inside a man

what’s it like to be alone?

OK, we’re obviously into pretty deep and meaningful stuff here, but then the next line comes along..

I liken it to a balloon

Now, I nearly get the point, balloons do float around on their own sometimes, but it takes the previously serious lines, and completely lightens (or should that be wrecks) the atmosphere.  Having said that, it sounds good – that’s important.

Don’t let me give you the impression this is an album full of nonsense verse, there’s wonderful imagery in this album too, in “Girl” we get “Oh God, high in your fields above earth…” and although I wouldn’t describe myself as being religious , I have to say that’s a lovely image.


Throne of time, is a kingly a kingly thing

from whence you know, we all do begin

and dressed as you are girl

in you fashions of fate and baby it’s too late

What does that mean?  Nothing, just a set of words that sound good together.  Can I do this lyric writing thing?  Surely, how hard can it be?

The best track for the amateur lyric writer has to be Rip-Off.  He must have had so much fun writing this, once you’ve got the idea for the structure, it writes itself.  Just make up more lines, you can’t go wrong…

See your baby’s stud, sliding in my mud, it’s a rip off

Flicking up you hair, let me kiss you right there, it’s a rip off

Bleached on the beach, I want to tickle your peach, it’s a rip-off

Walking in the rain, and looking such a shame, it’s a rip-off

Mountains of the moon, remind me of my spoon, it’s a rip-off

Underneath your sheets, there’s a place to meet, it’s a rip-off

Half me, half Bolan.  I’ll let you work out which is which.

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4 thoughts on “Albums that made me think “I can write lyrics” – T Rex, Electric Warrior

  1. Of course you can do ‘this lyric writing thing’! You have already proved it with your poetry, you’ve got the sense of rhythm and the imagination – you just need a singer or a band! You’re ‘already there’ (sorry, couldn’t resist bringing a hint of Westlife to your rock-themed party!) 🙂

    • Thanks Jo, kind words – I’ll get over the mention of Westlife in time.
      Not sure how clever Google’s indexing is, but does this mean that someone out there will be googling Westlife and end up at an article about T Rex? I guess if they do, you’ve done them a big favour!

      • I don’t know how Google works, but I’m sure that’s possible. But to be on the safe side, perhaps you should mention them in your next seven or eight posts as well!

  2. ah, glam rock… ditto Jo Woolf’s comment

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