Scene Down An Northern Alley

I’ve taken the occasional shot down this alley in Lancaster before, but this time decided to hang around for a while and take a series.  The alley makes an interesting frame, and while some of the subjects are going about their business not looking at me, every now and then one would look my way.  Most of the images are taken down the aptly named Bashful Alley – being as I am being a tad bashful by street photography standards by hiding out of the way.   I also found it interesting that although I was stood in this spot for probably 20 minutes or so, and was passed by quite a few people, no one so much as looked twice or seemed the least bit concerned as to why I was furtively lurking at the end of an alley way taking photos.   We really like to keep ourselves to ourselves us British.

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9 thoughts on “Scene Down An Northern Alley

  1. Cool series, I especially love the bicycle whizzing by.

  2. Interesting notion, shooting from the framed alleyway. Well done.

  3. James Brandon O'Shea on said:

    Really great stuff.

  4. Nice perspective and progression. I really like this!

  5. Very creative and interesting! I’m sure I would feel self-conscious too if I was doing that, but the results are well worth it.

  6. excellent photographs and what a really good idea…well done

  7. Excellent series – and a clever idea for a shoot.

  8. very, very cool idea and execution. It is so fun having the “license” to be a bit voyeuristic as a photographer, isn’t it

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