Lake District National Park Authority plans to exterminate polluters!

That’s right, you read it here first.

The Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) plans to kill 200 Canada Geese each year for five years.   Apparently there are too many off them, and they pollute Lake Windermere.

Windermere Canada Geese to be culled

Some Dangerous Polluters near Lake Windermere

Of course there is no way you could expect LDNPA to be accused of bias against Geese. I’m sure they have every intention of exterminating any other creatures which pollute Lake Windermere.   I’d be worried if I were a Power Boat owner on Windermere, or if I worked for United Utilities, who have been accused of discharging raw sewage into the Lake.   The farming community need to be careful too, run off from fertilizer is a major pollutant in the area, add to that the effect of all that sheep poo?

Maybe the solution would be to murder every living thing, oh, but then all those decomposing bodies might give off methane.

Apart from the ridiculous nature of the “pollutant” charge, the other offence these Geese appear to have been found guilty of is the serious crime of “eating crops”.  Now I spend quite a lot of time in the Lake District, and I’ve yet to spot the wide swathes of arable lands with acres of swaying wheat.  Sheep, yes, crops, no!  I guess you could count grass as a crop, but I’ve always thought that birds eating crops was an age old issue, hence the invention a while back of the scarecrow.

The “cull” as it is called, as opposed to the more appropriate phrase “mass slaughter” is intended to take place at nesting time, using shotguns.  Sounds like an excuse for some individuals to go round shooting things to me.  What are the chances of geese being seriously wounded, rather than killed – quite high I would have thought.  It is well established that Geese mate for life, and there have been recorded cases of the survivor of a pair pining to death as a result of the loss of its mate.  The cruelty of this proposal is beyond me.

A petition has been set up to protest against this ridiculous and cruel proposal.  I signed when it had around 300 signatures, it’s now reached over 1000.

Please take the time to visit this petition, and if you agree, add your name to the list.

Thank You.

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3 thoughts on “Lake District National Park Authority plans to exterminate polluters!

  1. Paprika on said:

    =( this is sad!!! I signed… it’s now 1553 🙂 hope something good happens. has had a good success rate so my hopes are high =)

  2. Just checked, and the petition is up to 1664 signatures now 🙂

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