Conwy Castle Signpost

where’s the confounded castle?

Conwy Castle Signpost

the castle's over there...

I need a sense of direction

sometimes things are hard to find

like buildings made of stone

thirty metres high

seven hundred years standing

thousand tonnes of rock

looks down on the houses

to lose it was a shock

but a signpost always helps me

because I need to be shown the way

even if it’s just across the car park

and clearly clear as day


This signpost sits in a car park in Conwy, pointing to the Castle, which completely dominates the town, and sits in full view of the signpost at a distance of around 50 metres.  What is particularly silly is that the signpost is on a corner, and you can’t see what it says on this arm until you get round the corner, and at that point you’d really struggle to miss the castle.  It’s the big stone thing lurking at one end of the car park.

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One thought on “where’s the confounded castle?

  1. LOL, fantastic and hilarious, thanks for sharing!

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