You’re just an empty glass

Abstract light swirls

I am the victim of your lies

you made me think I’m paranoid

what motivates you does not move me

I sometimes think you cannot see

you’re just an empty glass


why can’t you ever be sincere

is honesty your greatest fear

I don’t believe a word you say

you move your neck in a strange way

you’re just an empty glass


you could have written this so well

instead you turned it into hell

and after all that wasted time

maybe it was me misread the signs

you’re just an empty glass


just ’cause I listen to your shit

that does not mean I fall for it

I’m sure that once you told the truth

years ago back in your youth

you’re just an empty glass


I know we’ll never see the same

but I don’t think it’s me to blame

if you say up then I’ll go down

if you say straight I’ll turn around

if you say when then I’ll say why

if you say sad then I’ll won’t cry

if you say white then I’ll say green

if you say quiet you know I’ll scream

if you go slow then I’ll be fast

you’re just an empty glass


phew, that feels better!

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6 thoughts on “You’re just an empty glass

  1. This is beautiful.

  2. I love how the composition of the photograph reflects the mood of the poem. Nice work.

  3. Nandini on said:

    Nice writing! 🙂 Loved the photo.

  4. absolutely striking !

  5. Swirling thoughts and images. Nice work!

  6. This definitely is an attention grabber.

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