Millennium Bridge Lancaster Abstracts

I’m just starting to experiment with abstract shots.  I’ve a 50mm prime lens which has a wonderfully tight depth of field, and using this can easily make all sorts of everyday objects into interesting abstracts.

This set is from the Millennium Bridge in Lancaster, there are lots of shots of the full scene around on the net, and I’ve taken a few myself, it’s quite a dramatic looking bridge.  Many of the surfaces are shiny reflective steel and in the right light they can look quite dramatic in close up.  The “Cheese Grater” image is of the cowlings which cover the bit where the suspension wires attach to the bridge.

I must confess I’ve tweaked the colour on some of these shots, particularly the “Copper  Skin”, so named because I think it looks a bit like someone’s arm.  I haven’t introduced colour that isn’t there, just emphasised the colour that the light at the time was creating.

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6 thoughts on “Millennium Bridge Lancaster Abstracts

  1. Really nicely done – I like them!

  2. Great shots. I particularly like Copper Skin and Bluring off The Rails. For abstracts they both carry elements of drama! I enjoyed seeing these this morning.

  3. Malc,

    I received the Candle Lighter Award and want to pass it your way. Feel free to either take your time or not post the award. It’s up to you no pressure.

    • Thanks Eric, that’s much appreciated. I’ve got a few nominations for blog awards, and I need to do an “acceptance” post, but like you I’ve just not got round to it. Bit embarrassing really, because it is really quite touching when anyone singles out your blog for an award, and I do genuinely appreciate the gesture. This weekend, top priority, promise!

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