Poetry Challenge – Smiling Thoughts

Over at Clown Rhymes, there’s a Poetry Challenge happening!

The idea is that the Clown himself chooses a theme, posts it on a Tuesday, and us creative types have till Friday to come up with something, and post it as a comment on his blog.

I’m always open to any inspiration going, so I couldn’t resist this one.  The first challenge is “Smiling Thoughts”

Now, I’ve been told in the past, that I’m quite good at doing “dark” but “Smiling Thoughts” doesn’t exactly drive you in that direction, or does it?

I got desperate thoughts I keep to myself

’cause my black dog belongs to me and no-one else

and if he sits on my lawn

what’s it to you

he’s my black dog

and he’s sticking with me

I got violent thoughts I keep in my head

’cause if they got out I know they’d kill me dead

and it’s not a side I like

what’s it to you

if my dark side

only comes out at night

I got smiling thoughts I smear on my face

’cause I let them out and they find their place

and if that mean that I smile outside

what’s it to you

I’m not here for you to see

I got smiling thoughts and dark thoughts too

just one look and you know it’s true

and if I keep my black dog

living free on a tight leash

he’s my black dog

and he smiles too

Check out the Clown Rhymes blog, and have a go yourself.

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