Purple Paint Peeling Poem

Purple Paint Peeling from an old warehouse doo

Purple Paint Peeling

Purple paint peeling photo

Under used unloved untouched

Rusting reality rarely revealed

Past purpose probably practical

Leaving little left lasting

Every exit ending empty

My first attempt at an acrostic poem (one where the first letter of each line spells something), and to make it a bit harder I decided to make each word in each line start with the same letter.

This wonderfully peeling paint is briefly attached to a warehouse loading door on Lancaster Quay.  Lancaster was a booming port in the 1800s up till around 1840 when the larger Liverpool docks began to take over.  Up till then the port had mainly traded in slaves from Africa, bringing back tobacco, rum and spices from the Americas.  I would assume this door would have been used to tip the bags of spices or tobacco into the warehouses.  It’s quite a sobering thought that half a dozen generations ago, this place was thriving as a result of such horrific trade.

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9 thoughts on “Purple Paint Peeling Poem

  1. Wow! You made it yourself very difficult with the poem, but it works! Gorgeous picture, love the color.

  2. Love the color!! Beautifully done, and your poem too! Amazing.

  3. The photo is beautiful in its way…and sobering, indeed; it’s rather akin to driving through Louisiana or South Carolina in the USA, when you can go past former plantation sites and listen for echoes of whips and chains and understand that humans enacted such tragedies against other humans…all for profit.

    • I do find it hard to look at Lancaster Quay and comprehend the part that it played in those events, and the horror endured by so many. I guess that in Louisiana and Carolina there are still family connections which keep the memories fresh. What man can do to fellow man for his own profit….

  4. planaquarium on said:

    Wow, what an impressive acrostic! I’ve never challenged myself to begin each word with the same letter…I’m sure it wouldn’t ever be as good as this. Well done.

    • Thank you. Coming from someone as accomplished as you, you comments mean a lot to me, much appreciated. Once I had the first line, I just had to continue, I’m so glad I didn’t choose a longer word!

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