are humans weird creatures or what?

Group of Motorcyclists talking at top of Bealach na ba

Are humans weird creatures or what?

so I’m supposed to act like I’m human

however does a human act

they pile up stones and capture images

I don’t remember mind transferring that fact


but you must have heard they were odd

everyone single one is strange

so if one acts weird, the others ignore it

normal behaviour covers one hell of a range


what about that one in the car

with his image machine in his hand

the abduction team are on their way

he’ll say goodbye soon to this land


One group piles up stones and takes photos of them.  A group of bikers stand and have a chat, without removing their helmets, looking like a group of puffed up alien creatures (or maybe they are alien creatures, who knows).  A photographer crouches just in the right of the frame, taking shots of the same stones the other guys are piling up.  I, meanwhile, having already nearly got my skin blown off by the searing winds from the Isle of Skye, shelter inside my car.  Eating chocolate, drinking tea, and taking photos of the people around me.  Don’t be fooled by that lovely blue sky and sweet fluffy clouds, there’s a good reason those guys still have their helmets on, it’s Scotland’s West Coast in June, at the moment I took this shot, one of the coldest places on this little old planet of ours.

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8 thoughts on “are humans weird creatures or what?

  1. Skye has some interesting rocks. I wonder what sort they were piling up?? Hope your abductors are still allowing you internet access 🙂

  2. fascinating thoughts…

  3. It’s amazing how benign the world can look from the safety of a car! Skye is a fantastic place for walking, magnificent scenery if you are fortunate with the weather.

  4. Silly earthlings lol. Fun read.

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