hierarchy keeps us grounded

Graffiti - Hierarchy Keeps Us Grounded

Hierarchy Keeps Us Grounded

hierarchy keeps us grounded

lets us know how we ought to feel

and if you for once forget

they’ll be there to remind you

laws get passed for some

and sometimes they even get enforced

but they always make sure the haves get what they deserve

it may take eight years

for bankers to behave

but laws against tents can be rushed through tomorrow

winters come and go

and summer always comes around

hierarchy tells you which season is yours

hierarchy keeps us grounded

tells us what we deserve

don’t you think its time not to be told?

with thanks to George Monbiot for so eloquently highlighting the way that laws in the UK apply to some more than others.

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7 thoughts on “hierarchy keeps us grounded

  1. Sometimes it’s necessary, but many times it sucks.

  2. hierarchy keeps us grounded – I like this layered play on words

  3. obrienspix on said:

    This is so cool…love the colors in it.

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