Train Waiting Blues

Black and White of Preston Station Platforms and Roof

Train Waiting Blues

cold on the platform the mercury’s falling

desperate for daybreak and looking for dawn

the clock on the wall says a quarter to seven

the heater below it gives no heat at all

we sit and we wait here politely and silent

not knowing each other or knowing ourselves

the lady in blue has suitcases like oceans

the man with the newspaper’s not learnt how o smile

a small group of tourists talk excitedly and weakly

poetry flows from the guy with the notebook

searching for rhythms, patterns and style

Sat in a train station waiting room one cold morning, thinking of ideas, hoping for inspiration, and then I look up, and there it is, all around me.

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11 thoughts on “Train Waiting Blues

  1. Hi good depth of field and diagonal esign – thanks

  2. It’s beautiful when it happens like that and you’re able to capture it all, when your mind is still enough to take it in and process it for what it is, what you described. Good job.

  3. Wonderful. I love how you realized your inspiration. 🙂

  4. Great vanishing point to which all lines lead. And the poetry really adds another dimension. Nice work

  5. Marcel on said:

    I gotta say, all those lines are pretty sweet

  6. Thanks guys, and thanks to those friendly railway station designers who built a footbridge just at the right height so I could come along with a nice 10mm lens and capture the perspective.

  7. i miss this station. preston was once my home and whenever i return the memories begin as soon as i step foot on the platform. lovely photo!

    • It is a beautiful building – I love the way the sun streams through the glass sections in the roof at various times of the day. I’ve a few more shots of the station to post, so look out for them soon.

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