Rossett Pike, where the wind was

Winter View from Rossett Pike

Winter View from Rossett Pike

Standing at the top of Rossett Pike in a strong wind, the temperature is lurking around freezing point and frozen hailstones lie on the ground.  Times like this, they tell you, they scream at you, they grab your coat and pull and tug and bellow into your icy ears “you, you, you are alive”

gusts came like buses

three in quick succession




then roaring like a thousand jet engines

tearing the valley sides approaching

ripping moss from stone

inverting waterfalls to sky spraying mists

thumping into my sides like an angry bargain hunter

dead thud immovable struggle for balance

whooping hollering caterwauling



I can’t even hear me

how alive is it possible to be

can I ever get enough of this?


Approaching Rossett Pike in High Winds

Approaching Rossett Pike in High Winds

Photography isn’t the ideal medium for capturing wind, but here you can see how Tess’s lead is being blown by the wind one way, while her tail seems to be blowing in the opposite direction.  We decided against standing on the top, we’ve done it before, and when you’re uncertain about your footing it’s not the cleverest thing to stand on a summit looking at a drop of hundreds of foot.  The most dangerous aspect was that the wind kept dropping, so we nearly fell over, then it would come again,we’d brace ourselves against it, and then with no warning it would stop again.

One quote I love about the wind, that gives a good feel of what it felt like on Rosset Pike comes from “All the Pretty Horses”, Cormac McCarthy describes the relentless wind that pours across the American Mid-West, and I’m paraphrasing here… “all the sheep had grown up used to the prevailing wind, they leaned into the wind constantly.  One day, the wind stopped.  All the sheep fell over.”

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3 thoughts on “Rossett Pike, where the wind was

  1. I’ve dealt with wind like that…on a couple of occasions while shooting. Most recent occasion was up at Bear Rocks in West Virginia in the fall of 2010…sustained winds of 40 MPH…gusts to 50+ it was nuts. Air temp was right around freezing that morning. I put up with it for about an hour and then called it quits. Pleasant it is not.

  2. I am passing the 7×7 link award to you and I am hoping that you will accept it.
    The details to this award can be found on my site…
    Congrats Malcolm!!!

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