Vanilla Spooks

Two Ladies in a Cafe in Black and White

Vanilla Spooks

Did anyone see you?

please, how many years have I been at this game?

OK, I know, old habits…

seems the plan has changed, it’s tomorrow

tomorrow? not good, we’re not ready

I think that’s their intention

OK, we’ll need to cut some corners

I don’t like to cut corners

I know, needs must though,

I guess, you think they know?

we’re watching them? probably just being careful

just in case, plan for the worst and all that

that’s the spirit, you’re OK with this?

I suppose, it’s been a while you know

since you’ve had to….

yes, 2000 it will have been, the last time

that went OK though, and you never forget

hardly likely to, old pro like me (laughs)

shame really, nice guys in a way

underneath the politics you mean?

well, I suppose that is why we’re here

it is.

so, Ice Cream?

excellent idea


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4 thoughts on “Vanilla Spooks

  1. I love it!! : ) great image too Malcolm.

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