Another Young Life

well he got hit by a knife

in the middle of the sales

stood outside Footlocker

i don’t know the details

but it’s another young life

another young life


he lay dead on the street

only been here three months

sounded like a nice lad

yet he was shot by a gun

but it’s another young life

another young life


she was babysitting kids

just a kid herself

found stabbed on the sofa

reasons why who can tell

but it’s another young life

another young life


tell my why we have this wasting

tell me why ’cause it misses me

kids killing kids for no good reason

what good reason could there be


There seems to be a series of murders happening in the UK at the moment, not related to each other, but all seem to be of young people with lives ahead of them.

In all of these cases there seem to have been fairly quick arrests, so it’s not as if the murderers made any serious attempt to get away with it. Lives are ruined on both sides of the story.

I think there’s something wrong in this country, and it goes a bit deeper than share prices.

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3 thoughts on “Another Young Life

  1. This is difficult to comment on because I’m not quite sure how to say what I want to say, but I basically applaud your attempt at exposing reality, the news through poetry. These stories are tragic.

    • Thank Eric, I think I know what you mean. I’m not sure I managed to express myself clearly in the poem, and I’ve got to confess its not one of my best, but there’s something going on here that it’s worth drawing attention to, however clumsily.

  2. So timely.. This is exactly what’s happenin nowadays… not only in the UK.. Canada, India, almost everywhere.. College, Univ kids killing other kids ruthlessly

    Just shocking!

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