A Car Park with a View

View of Langdale Pikes in snow from Booths car park in Windermere

A Car Park with a View

This is the scene last weekend in Booths Car Park in Windermere with the snow covered Langdale Pikes in the background.  As supermarket car parks go, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better view.

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5 thoughts on “A Car Park with a View

  1. The interior has a lot to live up to. How can you top nature anyway?

  2. I am giving you the Kreativ Blogger Award!! I enjoy your site!! detail to this Award are on my site. J. Michel : ) (jhasmoments)

    • Wow! Thank you J, what a great Xmas present, I do feel honoured.
      Now the tricky thing is to cut down the list of things you don’t know about me to 10, and even harder, cut the list of bloggers to nominate to 6!

  3. You so deserve the award, I love the picture btw. Since it doesnt snow here and seen the picture is just wow.

  4. You’re Welcome!! : ) and I am glad that I could give you a good present : ) smile
    and you can pick more than 6 if you like.

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