Winter Views of Langdale Pikes

A few shots of a weekend trip up to Windermere.

So often after we get snow, it either melts before I get there, or the days seem endlessly grey – and snow covered hills in front of a drab grey sky doesn’t look great, believe me.  On this occasion we were in luck, clear blue skies, bright sunlight, and snow topped peaks.  Something our dog should be proud of – she’s been to the top of every peak in these pictures, not bad for a Yorkshire Terrier.

We parked up for a picnic, looking at this view, there are a lot of places to park in the Lake District with great views, but I think this is one of the best.

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13 thoughts on “Winter Views of Langdale Pikes

  1. What a beautiful place. And really nice photos too. Just so pretty. 🙂

  2. Beautiful place! And you have captured it so well. Loved the snow, and helicopter which then faded away. Great! 🙂

  3. Very nice series.

    In my part of the world (the American Midwest) it’s almost always gray shortly after a fresh snowfall. (In fact, it’s gray most of the time during the winter.) This doesn’t preclude image-making, of course, but it certainly puts a damper on the type of grand landscape shots that you featured here.

    • Thanks for the comments Kerry, just had a look at your blog, and it looks like in the Midwest you’ve got a great line in waterfalls and misty forests, and I love the temperature inversion images in your Virginia set.

  4. stunning landscape photography! Thank you for your visit that allowed me to see your work!

  5. Beautiful. I’m assuming if your dog has been on top of each peak, so have you. Jealous! 🙂
    I love the mountains.

  6. Great shots of the Langdale Pikes – one of the iconic views in the Lakes. I know the problem – my wife often says in winter – we must get up there when there is snow on the peaks. And I say, by the time we have got ourselves up there it will all be gone. Three and a half hours of driving is a lot of travel (and money) for just the possibility of a snowy view! But it’s always nice to see it through someone else’s eyes.

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