Do Not Park Here

Threatening Message in Window Do Not Park Here

Do Not Park Here

have some consideration!!

I’ve got children!

I have to take them to school in the car

because they can’t possibly walk

or catch a bus

they might be abducted

by some mad lunatic who would threaten them

and it would be all your fault

because you parked outside my house

they might get wet in the rain

and then what would happen?

your fault again

or they might even get some exercise

and find themselves leading healthier lives

and chat with their mates on the bus

and work out how to dodge the bullies

and learn about life

so they could cope

when things didn’t go all their own way

so they wouldn’t over-react

when someone parked outside their house

and that would be your fault too

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2 thoughts on “Do Not Park Here

  1. Oh, I laughed through all of this! Thank you! 🙂

  2. very funny ! the sign, and your poetic accompaniment. love it!

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