Hanging Around

Optical Illusion Boy diving into sea near Swansea

I'm just hanging around

do you ever get the feeling

you’re just hanging around

and if it carries on like this

maybe you’ll never touch down

they all just look at you

like you something new

so you dive right in

because that’s what you do

I’m just hanging around

I’m never gonna touch down


Photography often relies on being in the right place at the right time.  I was walking towards Mumbles Head near Swansea when I saw this group of lads diving into the sea. Ideally I would have wanted a telephoto lens to capture the action, but I had a wide angle on the camera, and no time to change lenses so I just made sure I’d got the focus and exposure right, chose a fast speed to freeze the action and pressed the shutter.  I had one chance, and I only got one shot.  When I looked at the screen to review, I couldn’t believe I’d been quite so lucky.   In case you’re thinking “that’s not a wide angle” this is a fairly tight crop of the original.  Fortunately the lens, a Sigma 10-20mm is pretty sharp and will stand tight cropping.

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10 thoughts on “Hanging Around

  1. What a great picture! I first thought that the young man was actually walking on the sea 🙂

  2. Paprika on said:

    too good!! =)

  3. Excellent capture, the wide angle helps as opposes to hinders, the scene as we get more context.

  4. James Brandon O'Shea on said:

    Really well done on your timing! Looks like he’s walking on a tight-rope.

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments, certainly got the timing spot on with this one, I’d have liked to have had the camera set to burst and got a sequence of shots with him entering the water – maybe next time!

  6. I think what I like most is the shadows atop the water. It looks a bit like a small oil spill. This one is nice all around. I like the suspended action.

  7. It looks like he’s almost walking on water. So very cool! 😉

  8. Ditto the others’ comments… very cool walking on water moment

  9. he, very relaxed, looks like walking through the air
    while Jesus needed water to walk on …
    greetings by
    thanks for the link to Ellen Unwerth!

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