Graffiti – I know I’m a dick, but if I just lay here…

I’ve no idea what he did, I almost feel sorry for him, will she take him back?

The “I hate everything about you…” bit might not help his cause though.

I’m not sure of the sequence of events, maybe the “If I just lie here” and “I’m a Dick” bits came first, then came the rejection, followed by the “I hate everything..”  we’ll never know.  Appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show soon no doubt …..

Jeremy – “Don’t you think you need to apologise to her?”

Mr GoldSpray – “I have done, I sprayed it under a railway bridge, what more does she want?”

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4 thoughts on “Graffiti – I know I’m a dick, but if I just lay here…

  1. That’s the wonderful thing about graffiti, we often see the message, but everything surrounding it is pure mystery.

    Well spotted and shot !

  2. lol @ Mr. GoldSpray.

  3. howevernever on said:

    If you have nothing to turn to, you can always turn to the walls of your city. So he/she did.

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