High Street Style

distressed image of Preston high street building facades

High Street Style

so your telling me its got no style

it’s all the same you say

corporate town centre

same old names

same big names

wherever you go it’s all the same

same shops in every town

owned by the same companies

owned by the same people

run by the same people

selling the same stuff

at the same prices

it’s all the same

where’s the style gone you say

where’s that lost world gone

where’s the independence gone

where’s choice gone you say

look up

it’s still here

every building

every facade

different story

different style

waiting for the corporate fold

waiting for another day

waiting for a revolution

when we don’t get told

when we get a choice

when the big guys fall

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7 thoughts on “High Street Style

  1. this is an awesome moody image, kind of stylized and unreal. love it

  2. obrienspix on said:

    That is really wild…great shot…love it.

  3. The only thing is when the big guys fall in America they get bailed out. I really enjoy the length of each stanza. They are pleasing to the eye. I can (maybe I’m crazy) see little buildings in those too.

    • Thanks for the great comments guys, unfortunately in the UK the big guys all get bailed out too, the last line is a bit of wishful thinking on my part. I’ve tried this technique on a few images, and most of the time it looks wrong, it seems to work here though, I think it gives the image the look of a old wild west movie frontier town.

  4. Paprika on said:

    awesomeee!!!! =)

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