Platform Footsteps Fall

platform footsteps fall

commuter journeys trailing homeward

run impatient while

shopping trip bag drags heavy

reflecting concourse floor

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12 thoughts on “Platform Footsteps Fall

  1. I’m not sure if the station you were in falls into this category, but I love the Victorian railway stations. Rail travel must have been so glamourous in those days.

    I like the slightly abstract nature of these photos, and black and white reinforces the shapes.

    • Preston Station is originally Victorian, it’s got a fantastic roof and some great sandstone station buildings. It was included on a list of the 10 worst stations in the UK back in 2009, but I’ve no idea how they worked that out, I like it. Not exactly glamorous any more though!

  2. The poem really succeeded in painting a nice scene (along with the images). It felt like I was there while reading it. Well done!

  3. Does one image purposefully have more color than the others? Also I like how it’s almost like you’re not there as if you don’t exist when you took these. And I do like how your poem elaborates on what a mess it really is during those travel experiences even if these are business professionals or such.

    • Good question, the one with a bit of colour was the first one I processed, I upped the saturation a bit and liked the effect. For some reason the same technique looked all wrong on the other shots. I was doing my best to not be noticed but it’s amazing how when everyone is busy doing their own thing, they just don’t notice someone stood right next to them with a camera.

  4. Great words and I love these photos. The perspective is wonderful.

  5. unshuttable on said:

    I really like this idea and the pics you toke, well done.

  6. Nandini on said:

    Wow, a great idea! And very nicely captured. I love all the pictures, esp., the fourth one. Nice timing there.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

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