My Third Album – Slade – Slayed


I loved Slade.  Noddy Holder’s voice takes a bit of beating really, although you’ll never see him mentioned as one of the best rock vocalists.  This album had a few decent tracks on it, Gudbuy T’Jane was my favourite at the time.  The lyrics apparently inspired by a girl called Jane who demonstrated a Sex Machine on a TV programme, I didn’t know that at the time, obviously.

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Looking back, the track that had the biggest impact on me in the long run will have been “Move Over” originally by Janis Joplin.  Being a curious lad, and not knowing about the Sex Machine connection, the most interesting thing to me seemed to be this Janis Joplin.  Janis, sounded like a woman’s name, but how could a woman write a song that would sound OK with Noddy singing?  I just had to track down this Janis Joplin, when I finally did, wow, what a voice.

There was me thinking that Noddy had a rasp to his voice, but it was nothing to the emotional tearing vocals of Janis.  I first heard her in the Woodstock film, her performance there is quite something, she truly opened her heart and soul to the audience.  Of course, I watched the rest of the film, and that introduced me to Mountain, Hendrix, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, and many more. My musical education was off and running.   To be fair to Slade, if you haven’t heard it, their version of Move Over is well worth a listen, better than you’d expect from the band that gave us “Merry Christmas Everybody”!

No there’s not many people who can say they discovered Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young through listening to Slade, or are there?  Let me know if your music choices have ever led you to interesting discoveries.

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2 thoughts on “My Third Album – Slade – Slayed

  1. It can be quite a relief to find that one of your childhood rock heroes hasn’t fallen from grace (Gary Glitter, Pete Townsend…). The most memorable singers for me are not neccessarily great technically, but have the ability to make my spine tingle.

    Do you remember the TV series that Noddy Holder acted in – The Grimleys?

  2. I do remember The Grimleys unfortunately, not quite the fall from grace of Mr Glitter, call me old fashioned, but I don’t want my rock heroes appearing in sit-coms, its just not rock-n-roll.

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