My Second Album – SAHB – Next….

SAHB - 1973, Next...

SAHB - Next...

Now I can hold my head up with this one.  My second album purchase has a bit more lasting credibility, these guys appeared on The Old Grey Whistle Test – can’t get much more credible than that now.

I went for this one because I’d heard Faithhealer and Swampsnake, and I reckon that’s pretty good taste for a 13 old whose music education has so far consisted of Slade, Gary Glitter, Sweet and T Rex.

What I hadn’t heard of course is the title track, Next.  What my mum thought when she heard Alex Harvey’s abrasive Glaswegian scrawl screaming out of my speakers ” I swear on the – wet head of my first case of Gonorrhea” I cannot imagine.  I can clearly remember hurtling across the room to hit the volume control as Alex got into his stride in Next!  This was before the days of “Parental Advisory” stickers by the way.

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I guess she won’t have been too happy to hear the musically jolly sounding “Ain’t nothing like a Gang Bang” either – I did tend to turn it down a bit for that one, at least with a track called “Gang Bang” there’s little chance of the lyrical content catching you unawares!

I learnt so much from this album.  The main lesson, don’t listen to new albums at full volume when your Mum is within earshot.   Headphones, a wonderful invention.

Have you ever found yourself hurtling towards the volume control?

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One thought on “My Second Album – SAHB – Next….

  1. Ah, yes. I am a big fan of UK punk in general and The Pixies, so it’s a good job my wife is also a fan!

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