Keep Watching the Bay

Keep Watching the Bay

Couple sat watching Morecambe Bay

Keep Watching the Bay

have you heard

what they’re planning to do now?

I can see Hoad Hill

clearly now

pensions, that’s what

can they leave nothing alone?

I can see people on the top

just beside the lighthouse, look

and as for that euro lot

what a mess, what a mess

is that Scafell, it must be

it’s big for sure

all in debt the lot of ’em

what’s it to us, I want to know

do you remember doing Scafell?

did we get wet that day!

ungrateful the lot of ’em

after all we’ve done for them

is that a Curlew or a Whimbrel?

I’m never sure which is which

they never vote for us anyway

in that eurovision thing

anything interesting in the paper dear?

no love, you just keep watching the bay

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