Solitary Tree

Harter Fell – Why Do I Do This?

Solitary Tree silhouette on misty hillside

Solitary Tree

why do I do this?

Six AM Sunday

early breakfast

its raining

will it get better?

forecast says so

drive in rain

windy too

then shap M6

sunlight glimpsed

maybe, just maybe

single track


no one around

all in bed

not us

think mist

no, its cloud

ah well, here now

nan bield pass

can see twenty feet

why do I do this?


reach the top

cloud thins

sun burns though

light so warm

walls of cloud

clear to pennines

kentmere glowing

haweswater blue

I can see the cloud

below me

the top of the cloud

it’s all around me

I’m here in the cloud

Six AM Sunday

ah, I remember now

that’s why I do this

Harter Fell Cairns with cloud bank

Harter Fell

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8 thoughts on “Harter Fell – Why Do I Do This?

  1. Wonderful, spectacular view!
    My best regards from Romania!

    • Thanks! It certainly was spectacular up there.
      I visited Romania back when Ceausescu was in power, a beautiful country as the photos on your blog show, but not in a good place in those days. I hope things are better for your country now.

  2. because the view is worth it 🙂

  3. Why do you do this? You do this because it’s your passion and because your pictures are great.

  4. very very cool, especially like the first photo. And kudos to you for managing both photography and poetry ! Have a great weekend

    • cheers lrntn thanks for the appreciation.
      Sometimes the two just come together, sometimes not. On this one I actually found myself coming up with a few lines on the walk, it was one of those days.

  5. Beautiful photography. I really like the division of photographs, the 2nd completes the piece rather nicely. I did enjoy how you captured your conscious thought as well. And I don’t know why something as simple as “-:-:-:-:-:-” can look so dazzling to the eye as well.

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