The Emotion of Buildings

Silhouetted Towers through rain soaked windowshallow dimension monopile of bricksmortar and stone

crushed crustaceans compressed

force of nature

no soul

Yet, over time, what happens in a building seeps through every stone, and soaks it in emotion.  For emotion to do this, it must be strong.  Day to day experience will not create enough energy, even over a long time period.

Extreme emotions







These will all leave their mark

You can feel this at some stone circles.  Whatever these were for, whatever happened on these sites, the atmosphere around them often feels charged by the emotions of generations.  Arbor Low in Derbyshire is one such site.  I visited this when snow was on the ground, and the air was clear.  The view from the site is commanding, and, as I walked away, a single horse wandered into the stone circle and stood, as if guarding.  The sense of the past, and all the emotions that had gone before amplified by the statue figure.  My biggest photographic failure, I didn’t get the shot.

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4 thoughts on “The Emotion of Buildings

  1. Really like this one (and especially the post title too). I love shooting through windows when it rains too, but the view outside doesn’t always cooperate like in this image. Re your last two sentences … Disappointment maybe, but not failure. Hey, we’re always missing some amazing photographic moment or other. Cheers

  2. wow! fantastic!

  3. Thanks for the nice comments guys, your encouragement means a lot to me.

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