Morecambe Promenade

Sepia tint view of Morecambe Promenade

Morecambe Promenade

The Seafront, the Polo Tower and the Midland Hotel.   Three sides of Morecambe in one image.

The Polo Tower never really seemed to take off.  It was last used in 2000, and it has to stay there till 2013, because of a contract for the mobile phone mast that now sits at the top.  An eyesore, and it sits in the now derelict Frontierland area, formerly a fun fair/theme park.  It’s a real shame that a seaside town like Morecambe no longer has anything like this, Frontierland closed in 2000 and to my knowledge there’s no sign of anything coming along to replace it.

Have a look at for some excellent collection retro shots of this site in its former glory.  Contrast the empty promenade in this image with the crowded scenes of the past.

The Midland Hotel is a wonderful piece of art-deco architecture, much neglected for many years.  It sat looking out across the bay, paint peeling, memories of former grandeur fading.   Renovation in recent years has brought the Midland back to the tasteful style of days long gone.  The Midland is now once more a thriving hotel and a great landmark that Morecambe can once more be proud off.

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