Fridges are the answer to Global Warming?

Man Carrying A Fridge in Preston

Carrying A Fridge

What I say, is, you can never be too careful.

All this stuff about Global Warming it worries me you know.

I never trust these scientists, I mean one day salt’s bad for you, next day its the best thing since sliced bread, although apparently that sliced bread is bad for you as well.

When’s the last time we had an ice age, I can’t remember.  Long time ago I reckon, must be due for a new one.  I bet they were worried about Global Warming before that happened as well.  Too many farting Dinosaurs no doubt, I mean lets face it that must be a fair old bit of methane comes out of one of them there brontosaurus’s, chomping on trees all day.

Anyway, I’m thinking about me-self.  Everyone reckons Global Warming is happening, apart from them Americans,  but that’s another story.  So what will everyone want?

A Fridge, that’s what they’ll want.

Demand will soon be unbelievable, believe me.  And then, these people who think I’m a bit weird to be walking down the main drag in Preston carrying a fridge will wish they’d thought of it.  When I’ve bought me-self a mansion from all the cash I’ve made by selling old fridges, and I’m sat there sunning me-self on the only bit of dry land around, who’ll be laughing then eh?

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4 thoughts on “Fridges are the answer to Global Warming?

  1. lol – not a bad idea in Preston … despite global warming … (mind you if folk can just warm it up a little and stop everything getting snowed in like last year … erm scrub that last comment … I’m supposed to be a hippy who cares about the planet .. how dare I think it shopuld be warmer in Preston … hehe ) Peace 🙂

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