Girl in a Bus Station

Black and White image of Girl sat in Preston Bus Station

Girl in a Bus Station

I Sit Here

I feel at home here

It watches my mood and becomes part of me

Dull, hopeless, grainy and a bit blurred

They just walk past me

To them I’m nameless

On their way somewhere

To them I’m faceless

They’ve come from somewhere

To them I’m invisible

I’m nowhere

I’m not even from anywhere

I’m just a girl in a bus station

No one cares that I’m here or why

They’ve got their busy lives

They don’t know what I’ve got

They don’t see anything


I see

I’ve time to see

I see what’s around me

I see what’s happening

I see it all


That guy over there with the camera though, I’ve no idea what he’s doing.  Street Photography or some such nonsense I guess.  He’ll probably put this on his blog, and make up a little poem to go with it.


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3 thoughts on “Girl in a Bus Station

  1. I love the words too!

  2. Thanks for the appreciation Frizz

  3. So powerfully done – totally love it.

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