Glasgow Station Clock

Glasgow Station Concourse

Glasgow Station Concourse

There’s something special about Train Station clocks.

Often the disappear and are replaced by digital displays, which I’ve no doubt will appear to have some sort of character, in the same way that anything modern acquires character in time, but for now the character is all with the old four faced analogue clock.

How much has this clock seen?

Lovers will have arranged to meet here, maybe for secret affairs, some to become marriages, some divorces, some no longer than a week, maybe even some that never turned up!  More sinister meetings will have taken place here too, spies perhaps, terrorists, anarchists, planning some outrage or demonstration.  Families will arrange to meet here, after heading their separate ways through the streets of Glasgow.  School parties will have used it as a meeting spot.

Yes, this clock cannot just tell the time, it could tell some stories.

Stories you and I will never know.

Glasgow Station Clock

Glasgow Station Clock

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One thought on “Glasgow Station Clock

  1. i really like the tones of the close up on the clock… and your right, the stories it could tell!

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