Sunset on Morecambe Bay

blurred orange Sunset on Morecambe Bay

Sunset on Morecambe Bay

 On the way home from a shopping trip to Kendal in December a few years back, the sky was turning progressively more red, and a dramatic sunset was obviously on cards.  The day had been stormy, a weather front had passed through and left the skies clear and the air fresh.

I’d got my camera with me, with just a standard lens and no tripod so top quality shots were out of the question.  Still worth seeing what I could make of the opportunity though.

I headed down to Storth, where the road runs alongside Morecambe Bay, by the time I got there the sun had gone, but the orange glow was getting stronger.  The tide was out, so not as much reflection as I would like, but this did make for some interesting patterns in the sand.

Of course I was restricted to handheld shots, so no chance of getting something pin-sharp.  Working with what I had, I decided to go for a slightly blurred look – I handheld as best I could and took a range of shots while adjusting ISO, aperture and shutter speed.  I tended to under expose, as this has the effect of saturating the colour and giving the image a warm feel, without the need for too much processing.   While I was doing this, the light was changing all the time, so the final results were a trade-off between the accuracy of my exposure guesses, how well I handheld, and the quality of the light at the time.

This particular version was taken at ISO 200, f5.6, and a shutter speed of  1/2 sec .

Although the image isn’t sharp, for me it conveys the atmosphere of the scene, and after all, that is what a photograph should do.

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