Kilner China Merchants

Painted sign on building in Preston W. Kilner Ltd China Merchants

W. Kilner Ltd China Merchants

This is what can now be seen of the sign on W. Kilner Ltd. China Merchants building in Preston.

Companies don’t do this anymore, I suppose they’re never around in one place long enough.

Here is a detail of the effigy above the door, which looks rather like some kind of pirate ship’s figurehead, but is supposed to be William Caxton.

There’s an image of an original line drawing of this building on Flickr, apparently they were wholesaler of  glass and ceramic ware.

I can’t quite make out the lettering on the figurehead, m 27c ?  What does that mean?

China Merchants Figurehead on Building in Preston

China Merchants Figurehead

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5 thoughts on “Kilner China Merchants

  1. I hadn’t thought about it, but you’re so right that companies probably don’t want this kind of permanent marker anymore. So that makes it doubly cool that you saw and captured this.

    • I like wandering round the back streets looking for stuff like this. Most often I come back with nothing, but every now and then I spot something that is a neglected sign of times past. These things are worth recording before re-development comes in and they are lost forever.

  2. obrienspix on said:

    Love these two…really cool.

  3. Blood-Ink-Diary on said:

    Superb photography – your black/white portfolio is stunning! keep recording, it is conveying immensely!
    Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

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