Conwy Toll Bridge

Conwy Bridge Toll Charges Notice

Conwy Bridge Toll Charges

Fortunately for the guy selling tickets, they’ve made the charging structure simpler now, its £1, and you have to be on foot.

In equivalent today’s money, the 1 penny charge would have been equal to £2.40, so prices have gone down here at least.  (Hopefully no one from the Government reads this, or they’ll be adding it to the Inflation calculation!)

Can you imagine the queues?  They’ve got to count the number of wheels on anything that is “propelled or moved by steam or machinery or otherwise than by animal power”, and then the toll man has to be pretty decent at maths.

He also has to know the difference between a Phaeton, Barouche, Wain Cart and Caravan Drag.

One of the best bits is that is 2 pence for each person “passing with a Truck, Wheelbarrow, Bicycle or such like carriage”.   A Wheelbarrow?  Same price as a Truck?

Nice to see that you only pay once a day though.

The guy selling tickets was telling me that they used to also make a charge for each individual letter when the post came through, and that at the nearby Menai bridge there was another charge to pay per letter.  Posting something to or from Anglesey must have been pretty pricey in those days.

I’d be interested to know how much they use to make, the alternative to using this bridge is a very narrow humpback bridge  at Llanrwst, a 26 mile detour.

Magnificent bridge though, well worth a quid.

Conwy New & Old Bridges and Castle

Conwy New & Old Bridges

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