Stencil Boy and Cat Graffiti

Stencil Graffiti Boy & Cat

Stencil Graffiti Boy & Cat

So then cat, look, I’m sorry OK.

I hate it when we fall out,

And you just sit there,

Not looking at me,

Pretending to play with something

With one paw,

And you being a Cat

I know you can keep this up

So I know its me that’s got to give

So I’m Sorry OK

Friends, Yeah?

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5 thoughts on “Stencil Boy and Cat Graffiti

  1. sure is, who says graffiti isn’t art?

  2. aw, that’s really cute “graffiti”… i hate that the term graffiti always conjures up images of gang tags and vandalism, rather than artists beautifying their surroundings in odd places.

    • I know what you mean. I guess “Street Art” is the proper term, but that maybe sounds a bit pretentious. It’s all graffiti at the end of the day, tags became more elaborate, and the street art culture grew out of that. What about “Graffiti Art” as a compromise?
      I suppose the only person who really knows the right term to use is the artist themselves.

  3. nice tribute to both: kid & cat!

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