Preston Bus Station selected by World Monuments Fund

Preston Bus Station night starbursts

Preston Bus Station Early Commute

Just heard on the news tonight that Preston Bus Station has been selected by the World Monuments Fund as worthy of addition to its list of the world’s most treasured locations.

Described as a classic example of British Brutalist architecture, Preston Bus Station is under threat from a plan by Preston Council to demolish it as part of its Tithebarn development.  The idea that the most iconic building in Preston (the only iconic building in Preston?) could be demolished seems utterly crazy.  What are they going to replace it with, some completely forgettable range of bus stands?  There are so many ideas out there for how to keep this building and develop this part of Preston at the same time, and now with the building gaining global recognition, surely the council will see sense?

Link to BBC News item –

For more about the campaign to save Preston Bus Station visit
Abstract Preston Bus Station facade pattern

Preston Bus Station Detail

Grey Concrete facade of Preston Bus Station
Preston Bus Station Facade
Grey concrete facade of Preston Bus Station with car park ramp

Under the Ramp

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6 thoughts on “Preston Bus Station selected by World Monuments Fund

  1. Believe it or not, I had heard of Preston bus station before. it must be quite famous.

    I have fond memories of Preston – I went to a Pixies concert at the Guild Hall a long time ago, and bumped into Phil Cool in the library. I’m showing my age!

  2. If you went to the Guild Hall you were literally next door to the Bus Station, its connected by a subway, which looks as inviting as most subways, so not surprising you didn’t see it. Spotting Phil Cool in the library must have been weird though. I’ve seen famous people out of context and struggled to work out who they are and why they look familiar, I bet that wasn’t the case with Phil, you’d never forget that face.

  3. monumental indeed!

  4. I wish Washington, DC had more car parks like that. Much more striking than the glass, glass and more glass styling of today.

  5. jackie on said:

    could I use a couple of your shots of Preston Bus station, for an event we are doing there on Sat? we would credit you. We are having some shots on the wall of our box office and bar and really like a couple of your exteral shots. read more about our event here

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